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Buldak has grown beyond a simple product to become the symbol of a dynamic and adventurous lifestyle to the Millennial and Gen Z populations in the U.S. and Canada. While managing Samyang’s Instagram channels for both countries, waymakrs played to the target audience’s interests in influencer, UGC, and lifestyle content. Through this, we hoped to strengthen the loyalty and community around Samyang and Buldak, fanning the flames of the Buldak fandom. Management was carried out with a vigilant eye on the Buldak persona, the tone of voice, and the brand values, producing on-brand and consistent content.

What we did

In catering to the daring Millennial and Gen Z populations with love for authentic content, we aimed to create content that spoke to their language and lifestyle. Starting from a base of clear style guidelines created a consistent brand with a cohesive visual identity and copy that resonated with our audience. Because localization was key for authenticity, our content drew attention to holidays and events relevant for each country (Independence Day, Labor Day, etc.). By sharing relatable content, we achieved high engagement and a strengthened sense of community. 

Brand values were consistently communicated by generating excitement around the product in familiar everyday scenes within lifestyle content, as well as UGCs. When collaborating with influencers, creative recipes created further buzz around Samyang, urging the audience to try the product in unconventional ways as well.


waymakrs’ social media management provided a consistent and branded message that was welcomed by Samyang fans. This led to a significant growth in followers and engagement in just 3 months. Ultimately, Samyang’s Instagram channel became the perfect platform through which Samyang fans could communicate freely with one another, replying to others’ questions, and suggesting recipes and flavors.


From May to December 2022

  • US 15.5K / CA 3.5K follower count (as of December 2022)
  • US +35.6% / CA +40.9% follower growth
  • Total number of engagements US 164,714 / CA 52,871  (US +2650.7% / CA +3379.4% compared to Jan-Apr)
  • Total number of impressions US 3,383,767 / CA 1,660,593 (US +2104.7% / CA +2907.6% compared to Jan-Apr)
total follower growth over 8 months (US/CA average)
total number of impressions in 8 months
total number of engagements in 8 months

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