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South Korean earbud manufacturer penetrates U.S. market, exceeds target KPIs by 200%


South Korea to United States


Major South Korea-based manufacturer (OEM for LG) looking to expand U.S. presence through influencer video marketing, social media management, community engagement, and customer feedback.

What we did

Crafted a localized U.S. outreach strategy with in-house native-English speaking e-commerce / digital advertising experts with extensive experience in U.S. social media trends. Project managed and produced 6 influencer collaboration videos targeting potential customers, with a wide variety of content ranging from integrated pre-roll ads to complete unboxing reviews. We also curated and created video and image content for the social media feed, building community engagement, as well as curating the product's e-commerce listings to improve product rating.


Through careful consideration of the most effective influencers to promote the product, we over-delivered on target KPIs by over 200%. Through meticulous community engagement and curation of customers, we raised the product's e-commerce rating by 30%, and grew the social media channel an exponential 387%.

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