Over 1.6 million USD earned for K-Beauty brand in the U.S across 4 platforms


United States


E-commerce retailer had minimal digital marketing present except for automated solutions with negligible returns. Decided to prioritize in Facebook/Insta, Google, and Amazon paid ads and sought outside help

What we did

Work closely with brand's executives and creative team to develop e-commerce strategy to funnel new leads, retarget customers, and maximize holiday returns with seasonal promotional campaigns. We also optimized ad delivery for target demographic with consistent a/b variable testing for best click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition. Successful campaigns include PPC advertising on major e-commerce platforms, direct marketing lead-gen, hero product promotion, prospecting campaigns to drive traffic to landing pages, and much, much more.


Over the course of three years, we drove 69,000 e-commerce purchases and $1,650,000 USD total revenue combined on 3 separate channels. On Facebook & Insta over 3 years, we grew monthly revenue totals upwards of 657%, increasing ROAS 355%. On Google Ads over two years, we grew monthly revenue totals over 300%, and increased ROAS 235%. On Amazon PPC over 1 year, we grew revenue 3271 percent, increasing ROAS 514%.

travel app

Viral app launch leads to 32nd ranking in U.S. app store