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Viral campaign success in Africa leads to shattered sales forecast; plans to expand to 3 new countries

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South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya


Client had no visibility into the African market, including a major void in customer service capacities. The market itself was restrictive due to Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya not having physical outlets to sell the products.

What we did

Collaborated with a major global research firm to conduct target customer analysis, market dynamics – managed the client’s Facebook page to build active consumer base , provide monthly campaigns, and run effective advertisements. As a result, consumer demand exceeded the forecast, leading to value-added service provided from us: assistance in building a CS center on the client’s behalf.


Carefully strategized campaigns went viral, leading to increased consumer base and sales. Building on from this successful penetration, client now has plans to expand into Russia, Congo, and Madagascar in 2020.

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PPC strategy overhaul leads to huge growth in international customers, 150% increase in exposure